Strawberry Smoothie 
{by A Cup of Mai}

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i can feel the sexual tension

 okay wait how can you even reblog this without pointing out that after this musical number (which contains the lyric “I’ll show you how I swing”) they are shown to be wearing each others’ clothing with no explanation

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My lovely friend cooking us some quesadillas

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this will always be amazing.

richard waters is the man who saved the lady

he was just there taking photos when he saw her climb over the rail

“she did it so smoothly.. it was like she was going to her own club house.. like she was going to go sit on the ledge and eat lunch..
so i got a couple of pictures of her climbing over, and i started taking pictures of her standing on the ledge.. and then i realized that this girl was about to jump.
but because i was behind the camera, it was almost like it wasn’t real..
so i got up on the rail and i reached out and grabbed the back of her jacket, and once i grabbed it i just lifted her up and over the rail” 

never not repost people

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Marais Poitevin, France (by EDEN)

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Wishes by Seiman C 

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pink/purple ombre heart

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